Rugby Against Mens Mental Illness Together


Welcome to RAMMIT, we're glad you found your way here, its important to us that people know who we are and what we're about. We're here to help, by any and all means. Mental Illness is a darkness, and that darkness needs a little bit of light shining on it. We can't be that light alone, we need you. Awareness is the first step to beating the many ills that trouble men all around the world. The second step is talking about those ills, the feelings that build up behind that invisible wall.

Talking isn't easy, we know that, but it should be. We cant change things overnight but we can make the journey there a brighter one. We're working as hard as we can to get a message spread around the world. As a team of ex-international and professional veteran rugby players from all corners of the earth, we know it can be tough, we also know that sometimes tough can't describe it. Other times its unbearable, but in most cases its undescribable. But we're doing our part, however small - to give you a voice, and more importantly a place for that voice to be heard.

So from all that, we hope you take away the knowledge that we are here for you, you are never alone.


Its early doors for us, but we know where we want to be. Getting there is part of the excitement, the teams coming together well with some great names signing up, as we grow hopefully so will our legacy and our hall of fame. The first tournament is set, Jersey Super 10s, we cannot wait, some great things are coming your way. Until then we'll be hosting a few charity matches of our own to spread the word, get in some good rugby and raise some well needed funds. These funds will go to our incredible partners, Teac Tom and CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, both charities provide incredible frontline services and support infrastructures, you can find out more about these here on our Partners page.